VOIP telephony

VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is also referred to as IP Telephony, Internet Telephony and Internet Calling. It is an alternative way of making phone calls that can be very cheap or completely free. The phone part is not always present anymore, as you can also choose to communicate without a telephone handset.

VOIP has a lot of advantages over the traditional phone system.

The main reason for which people are so massively turning to VOIP technology is the cost. In businesses, VOIP is a way to cut down communication cost, add more features to communication and interaction between employees and with customers so that to render the system more efficient and of better quality.

There are many ways of using VOIP technology. It all depends on where and how you will be making the calls. It could be at home, at work, in your corporate network, during a travel and even on the beach.

VOIP can be used for free with computers and even, in some cases, with mobile and landline phones. However, when it is used to completely replace the PSTN service, then it has a price. But this price is way cheaper than standard phone calls. This becomes thrilling when you consider international calls. Some people have had their communication costs on international calls cut down by 90% thanks to VOIP.

We ourselves at Synapse use VOIP on a daily basis. Our Help Desk team in Bucharest talk daily with clients around the world presenting themselves with our UK phone numbers. Clients in the UK can call knowing that it costs them no more than calling anyone else in London. For us, calls between our various worldwide locations can be made free of charge. In short, VOIP has enabled us to think far less about where we are located.

Given that we have first-hand experience of VOIP on a daily basis, why not let us assist you with your telephony needs?